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Best launch deals for Google Pixel 5 (Google, Bestbuy, Sprint, BH, Verizon)

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Google announced the Google Pixel 5 today and here are the prices I was able to find across the internet.

Deals by store


The Google Store is offering the Pixel 5 for $699.99. They are also offering financing for $29.12 / month for over 24 months, with credit approval.

Pixel 5 @ the Google Store


Pricing at Bestbuy depends on your carrier. $699.99 for those activating on Verizon. For customers purchasing unlocked devices, Bestbuy is selling the device for as low as $599.99 if you activate your device on a new line at Sprint at time of purchase or $649.99 if you are upgrading a device on an existing line. There is also a $20.00 activation fee.

Pixel 5 @ Bestbuy

B&H pricing matches the Google store. This would be a good place to purchase if you have their Payboo credit card.

Pixel 5 @


Verizon is offering up to $550.00 off if you trade in your device plus $250.00 off if you are switching to Verizon from another carrier and financing your device. Use Verizon’s trade in tool to determine how much you can save if you have a device to trade in.

Pixel 5 @ Verizon

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