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$148.00 Hover-1 Pioneer Electric Folding Scooter, Black with 8.5” Air-Filled Tires, LED Headlight, Digital Display, Electronic throttle, 14 MPH Max Speed, 264 lbs. Max Weight


I don’t know much about this Hoover-1 H1-PNR-BF19 scooter other than it looks similar to m365. Most reviews seem positive but there are a few negative ones. The price at $146.00 seems right though considering Walmart sells a 2 year protection plan for less than $20.00. This may be a good scooter for casual rides as opposed to a daily driver or you may be better off getting the GoTrax @ $238

edit: now $198

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  Sented 2 years ago

price is now 198

  fredericks 2 years ago

back to $248

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